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We Design

Our specialist designers and technical partners can assist with full living roof design and specifications to ensure the most sustainable living roof for the intended location. 

We Supply

Want to install your own living roof?
Discover more about My Green Roof Kits and our homegrown sedum and wildflower plug plants for rooftops. 

We Install

We create sustainable living roofs
Our specialist team can install flat, pitched and dome green roofing systems across the United Kingdom. Our previous projects have ranged from the Outer Hebrides in the north west of Scotland to Ramsgate in the south east of England. 

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    Student Living
  • Blue Roofs
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  • Commercial Builds
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We Maintain

Let us maintain your green roof for you to ensure the maximum return on your investment. We can also offer Biodiversity Net Gain monitoring and reporting on the performance of the roof in line with legislation. 

A typical project journey

Get in touch

We can help with the design of your living roof and a system specification in line with the GRO Code (Green Roof Organisation Code of good practice) and Biodiversity Net Gain guidelines. If you have a design and or a specification for your living roof, we can digitally measure the area from a plan and provide an initial estimate for the living roof components and our specialist team to install it for you. 

Roof plans & location address

We will need a plan of your roof and the full address of where the roof is located. We also need to know the weight allowance of your roof – you can find this information from the architect or a structural engineer.

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Your estimate

We will supply you with an estimate for the supply of materials and the installation of the living roof. If you would like to progress your enquiry, we would need to visit the location and assess the roof and the surrounding area. 

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We will carry out a site survey

We will use this opportunity to assess the site, agree a logistics plan for material deliveries and suggest how materials can be safely lifted to the rooftop. We will also provide recommendations on edge protection for our team to safely install the living roof. These elements are not included in our estimates. 

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We will send you a final quote

Our estimates are very accurate and rarely change, however the site survey is important for all parties to fully understand each others provisions for the installation of a safe and sustainable living roof. 

Roof leak test

We recommend an independent leak test is carried out to ensure the roof surface is watertight immediately before the green roof is installed. If any leaks are detected, they can be repaired prior to greening. 


Our fully certified and award winning team will work safely, professionally and efficiently to bring the roof to life and welcome interaction, hot drinks and cake throughout the process!

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Initial watering

It is important that water is available at roof level or irrigation is in place to water the roof during establishment. In some cases watering from ground level is adequate. This provision is also important for prolonged dry spells and high temperatures to water the roof if needed. 

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Maintenance schedule

The success of a living roof comes down to maintenance. All living organisms require some maintenance from time to time and living, green roofs are no exception. A typical living roof requires two to three visits per year to feed the vegetation and remove unwanted growth. Watering may be beneficial to the roof during droughts and dry periods. We can offer biodiversity monitoring and reporting using remote sensing data. 

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Bridgman & Bridgman are specialists in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of living roofs on new and existing buildings across the UK. We are also passionate about every rooftop that can be becoming green through our Green Roof Project initiative and creating new green jobs and opportunities by upskilling people and communities with our specialist training programmes.

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